The Top 5 Local Wholesale Women’s Clothing Markets In The United States

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If you are interested in entering the fashion industry or have experience selling your own clothing and products, it is extremely important for you to be familiar with the top wholesale women’s clothing USA markets. Fashion wholesale clothing markets allow you to easily purchase bulk orders of the trendiest and most desirable fashion styles on the market. These wholesale fashion markets allow business owners and fashion industry entrepreneurs to gain access to lower prices than traditional retail markups when purchasing larger quantities of fashion items. If you work in the fashion industry and are looking for the best places to purchase large quantities of clothing, keep reading as this article will explain the top 5 local wholesale women’s clothing markets within the United States.

1.    Dear-Lover Wholesale



Dear Lover Wholesale is an easily navigable website that sells a plethora of wholesale clothing at discounted prices. This website offers a huge assortment of women’s fashion styles, and you can rest assured that popular styles and items can be found on this website. If you run your own fashion boutique or are looking for a wholesale retailer that has quality designs will low bulk prices, look no further than Dear-Lover Wholesale.


2.    FashionGo


Another online women’s clothing wholesale market, FashionGo sells a variety of fashionable shirts, dresses, and various other clothing items. This website has an impressive inventory, and any fashion business owner can feel confident that FashionGo will supply affordable and high quality clothing items. They can ship their items quickly across the entire United States.


3.    OrangeShine



The next women’s clothing wholesale marketplace, OrangeShine, is known for its variety of featured brands. This website has a plethora of registered brands and sellers that post their clothing items within the website’s marketplace. This fashion wholesaler is known for their wonderful customer service, and you can feel confident that your needs will be met with this online platform. This website allows fashion industry owners to compare a variety of styles and brands before selecting the perfect items for their own business. 


4.    StylePick


StylePick is another women’s fashion wholesale market in the United States. This market has a large selection of fashion styles that can be purchased at bulk wholesale prices. The website is very user friendly and showcases high quality images of each unique design. The market specializes in women’s and children’s clothing while also having a separate accessories category that you can explore. Some of the accessories available on the website include jewelry, sunglasses, and hats.

5.    LAShowroom

The last wholesale market on the list, LAShowroom, features a large number of fashion vendors within their platform. Potential buyers can find a large amount of women’s fashion products displayed on this platform. The website is also unique in the vendor platform that is integrated within the website. Vendors can create specialized marketing email campaigns and utilize professional photography services when posting their products on the wholesale marketplace.

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