What is So Great about Clip in Hair Extensions

em 16.4.19

Not born with perfect hair? So many of us think we have to play the hand we've been dealt and let the hair stylist deal with it. Even with a salon cut and color you couldn't do much to change the texture or volume. If you have given up on having that perfect hair we all want, don't curl up and dye just yet! ?? It's completely possible to get flawless hair with hair extensions.
Hair extensions have been around for much longer than you may think. In the past, if they were really good extensions, they were pretty pricey! Now really good hair extensions are much more affordable, and with clip in extensions, you now can have gorgeous hair in a snapand do it yourself.
Clip in hair extensions may be the new kid on the block, but they are by far the easiest and the best innovation in the hair industry. Hair doesn't have to be a hassle if you add clip in extensions to your beauty routine. We think this is the best beauty secret (since Botox ;)
Thin or thinning hair had little hope of turning up the volume. But now with clip in volume pieces you can add oomph to your hair and a boost to your self-esteem too! You can clip-in volume to the top of the head, or all the way around. Choose how many pieces you need. Check out some of the trending clip-in volume pieces.
Length is always in! but who has the time to grow it out? Usually, hair get thinner at the bottom which doesn't help pull off the bombshell hair look. Clip in extensions are the only way to go if you don't want to use a more permanent and usually damaging method. Instantly add lots of length to get almost any look you are going for. Tip: make sure you blend the ends of your hair by layering the extensions in for a more natural look to your hair extensions. Shop All Long Clip In Extensions!
If you want fuss-free curls but don't have the perfect locks clip in extensions are the answer. You can get them already wavy or you can take a curling iron to them and make all the waves you want. Be careful to use human hair or heat friendly extensions if you're going to take a hot iron to them. Either way, pre curled extensions are the way to go to add an oh-so Gisele look to your hair. Shop all Clip In Hair Extensions!
Everyone is rocking color right now! And we don't mean blonde, brunette, or even redheads. None of these are the hottest trend in color these days. We're talking vibrant gorgeous, tie-dye hair, mermaid hair, kaleidoscope color, cotton candy hair trend even gray streaks and tips are in! These are so beautiful but only for the brave who wants to commit to mermaid hair every day? Well, okay lots of us do, but most of us cant. Clip-in Color extensions give you the freedom to have your cake and dye it too! (get it diet;) ) You can clip in strands of color, take a whole set of extensions and dye the tips or the entire set and clip them in whenever you feel playful. There is no reason you can't have your turn and splash color too!
Clip-in hair extensions from Hair Distributors lets you have any kind of hair you want. Clip it in & out in minutes. No hassle.. nothing but upside. Listen, hair extensions don't necessarily make you more beautiful. Beauty comes from withinbut if you FEEL BEAUTIFUL you will look it!

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